Tabea Stöhr

Tabea Stöhr and Anne-Sophie Daffertshofer are two young American Studies students, both in their fifth semester in the bachelor program at Humboldt University in Berlin. While Tabea has come to love American culture during a year abroad on Long Island as an Au Pair, Anne-Sophie has chosen American Studies as her major after she spent some time at the American Studies centers in Milan and Passau. With their minors, Media Studies and Art History, they share a common interest in contemporary culture as well as cultural history and love to watch movies and TV shows or visit museums and art galleries.

Blog posts by Tabea Stöhr:

Mary Kay and Johnny – America’s First TV Sitcom
For the past decades, sitcoms have been omnipresent in our everyday lives. On TV, in magazines, or on the Internet – it’s hard to escape the … Continue reading Mary Kay and Johnny – America’s First TV Sitcom