Lisann Rothe

Lisann Rothe studies Cultural Studies at Leuphana University Lüneburg. In order to remember the wonderful time she had in the U.S., the welcoming Minnesotan culture, and the English language, she joined the North American Studies “Schwerpunktprofil” at Leuphana. Her free time is filled with many different activities, among them journalism, German-Baltic youth work, and painting.

Blog posts by Lisann Rothe:

An Ode to Berlin – and to my Grandma
“It’s August 13, 1961 – the day East Berlin starts build­ing the wall,” my grand­ma remembers. “On Sun­day night, August 13, Wal­ter Ulbricht, East Ger­man head … Continue reading An Ode to Berlin – and to my Grandma