The Blog Assistants

Henrike Kattoll

Before I embarked on my cultural studies major at Leuphana University Lüneburg in 2018, I spent two years at a U.S. community college as a student-athlete in Kansas. During that time, I was a member of the highest-winning volleyball team in the college’s history and earned my Associate’s Degree in English. I was also awarded a membership in the academic honor’s society Phi Theta Kappa for my academic performance that opened a new field for cultural exchange and learning opportunities. It showed me that all of us are life-long learners (or should thrive to be) because “the moment you lose curiosity in the world, you might as well be dead” (Ian McEwan). Since then I have stopped playing volleyball to focus on other activities I love, including reading, lifting weights, watching sports, baking, and cooking.

Hannah Quinque

If I hadn’t found my way to the pioneering Digital Media bachelor’s degree, there’s a good chance I’d be studying translation. Instead, I ended up in Lüneburg where my unflagging affinity for language and literature carried me into the Institute of English Studies and the Language Center where I completed the North American Studies Profile for my complementary studies.

While I await my chance to cross the pond in person, I pave my own fanciful road trip with impressions from books, TV series, and movies, fictional as well as documentary. As blog-relevant hobbies go, I browse etymology dictionary entries and baby name websites for fun – because words are magic. I also put way too much time and brain capacity into this short bio, and had fun doing so. Writing, that is, seeing words rendered on a page via pen or keyboard, makes me happy. I hope that, as an American Studies blog author, I might share some of that enthusiasm.