Markus Ziener

Markus Ziener is a professor of journalism at the Hochschule für Medien, Kommunikation und Wirtschaft (HMKW), University of Applied Sciences, in Berlin. He’s also a regular contributor to the Los Angeles Times, The Straits Times (Singapore), Neue Zürcher Zeitung, and Deutschlandfunk/Deutschlandradio. He serves as Visiting Senior Fellow at the German Marshall Fund Berlin.

Blog posts by Markus Ziener:

Getting Germany Back on Track
The Mar­shall Plan has become syn­ony­mous for mas­sive help, for bring­ing about a her­cu­la­neum task and hav­ing a coun­try rise again from the ash­es. Orig­i­nal­ly designed … Continue reading Getting Germany Back on Track

Music to Last a Lifetime: The Reissue of The White Album
It was East­er Sun­day 1969 and I was a boy. My par­ents had staged an East­er egg hunt in our gar­den, and I was search­ing beneath … Continue reading Music to Last a Lifetime: The Reissue of The White Album

Lessons not Learned
There is a won­der­ful spot west of the city of Frank­furt in Ger­many. It’s in an area well known for its excel­lent white wine, its charm­ing … Continue reading Lessons not Learned