Sunaya Mueller, Yamuna Sieber, and Lara Frey

Lara Marie Charlotte Frey is a 16-year-old teen journalist from Hamburg. She successfully participated in various media workshops and has been member of a school newspaper. Lara plays several instruments and enjoys cooking. Moreover, she’s particularly interested in a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Sunaya DasGupta Mueller is a 17-year-old teen journalist from New York. She has previously been published in Teen Vogue, Ms. Magazine as well as The 74 and Mid-Hudson News. Sunaya is the editor-in-chief of her school newspaper and an editor of her school’s foreign language magazine. She enjoys traveling, dancing, and playing classical guitar.

Yamuna Sieber (18) lives in Hamburg and hopes to travel the world after graduating high school. Apart from traveling, she loves acting, sports, reading and writing. She regularly wrote articles for her school’s website and recently discovered the fun of writing short fantasy novels.

Blog posts by Sunaya Mueller, Yamuna Sieber, and Lara Frey:

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