Dagmar Mißfeldt

After completing her M.A. in Scandinavian Studies and Finno-Ugric Studies both in Germany and Scandinavia, Dagmar Mißfeldt started teaching Swedish at Leuphana University Lüneburg in 1997. Her seminars focus on Sweden’s diverse culture and literature as well as language projects in collaboration with her colleagues. She also teaches Swedish and Finnish at Hamburg University and translates literature and films from Swedish, Finnish, Danish, and Norwegian into German.

Blog posts by Dagmar Mißfeldt:

Findians: A Journey to Distant Cousins
In their 2016 book, Fintiaanien Mailla, three Finnish women take readers on a journey into unknown territory. Meeri Koutaniemi (photo journalist), Maria Seppälä (journalist and documentary … Continue reading Findians: A Journey to Distant Cousins