Martina Kohl

Dr. Martina Kohl is a Cultural Affairs Specialist at the U.S. Embassy in Berlin, Germany, where she coordinates a Germany-wide speaker and curriculum development program in American Studies. She holds an M.A. and a doctorate in American Studies, English Studies and History from Johannes-Gutenberg University Mainz. Dr. Kohl studied at Florida Southern College and taught as well as conducted research at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. In 2013, she received the Hans Eberhard Piepho Prize for the U.S. Embassy School Election Project and the “Ausgezeichnete Orte – Land der Ideen” Award for the Going Green – Education for Sustainability Project in 2015. Dr. Kohl frequently teaches in the American Studies program at Humboldt University Berlin and at the Obama Institute at Mainz University.

Blog posts by Martina Kohl:

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