Michaela Keck

Michaela Keck teaches American Studies at the Institute of English and American Studies at the University of Oldenburg. Among her major research interests are ecocriticism and nature writing, women’s literature, and visual culture. For further information, see http://www.staff.uni-oldenburg.de/michaela.keck/.

Blog posts by Michaela Keck:

Under Dark Skies: A Review Essay
On Friday, October 16, our group of five – two master students, three bachelor students, and I – set out from the Institute of English and … Continue reading Under Dark Skies: A Review Essay

Hiking in the Anthropocene
This past fall, my travels and work obligations had me fly into Calgary. I took the opportunity to spend five additional days in spots I consider … Continue reading Hiking in the Anthropocene

Walking on Cape Cod
Cape Cod has been on my list of travel destinations for quite some time. What connects me to the Cape’s outermost beaches of Massachusetts are Henry … Continue reading Walking on Cape Cod