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Beatriz at Dinner: Comedy, Tragedy, Portrait?
We first see Beatriz (Salma Hayek) going through morning chores, feeding her dogs, and lighting a candle for deceased loved ones, including her dead goat. She’s … Continue reading Beatriz at Dinner: Comedy, Tragedy, Portrait?

Getting to Know You
y university school days – at least on the student side of the desk – are two decades past now, but I daresay this story is … Continue reading Getting to Know You

Following Convention (or Political Mathematics)
The political parties spend countless hours planning their conventions. This is, after all, four nights of free advertising and their first chance to introduce their candidates … Continue reading Following Convention (or Political Mathematics)

Memorial Service
Recently, I attended a memorial service for an old friend. Peg had led a long and accomplished life before her final years of excruciating pain and … Continue reading Memorial Service

“In the Hands of Babes”
At family gatherings, my sister likes to tell the story of a time when the men and boys in her family were going out target shooting. … Continue reading “In the Hands of Babes”

Many are Called …
We’re in the middle of the presidential primaries, elections that determine the delegates to the party conventions as well as the platform and the eventual nominee … Continue reading Many are Called …

The Oscars – Not in Color This Year
There’s always suspense at the Oscars, but this year edge-of-the-seat tension will be greater than it has ever been. There is interest, of course, in who … Continue reading The Oscars – Not in Color This Year

Like Father, Like Son
Rand Paul emulates his father in almost every way. Almost. :: Ron Paul is a physician; Rand Paul is a physician. :: Dad was in the … Continue reading Like Father, Like Son

The Woman in the Pants Suit
Hillary Clinton is a strong, pragmatic politician. Moderately hawkish, she cast a meaningless vote to support the Iraq War, which she now regrets—though she still proclaims … Continue reading The Woman in the Pants Suit

God at the Bank
We were the only two waiting in the New Accounts section in the bank. For us gregarious Americans, this is a slightly awkward situation. In most … Continue reading God at the Bank

B.Y.O.B. – Bring Your Own Bag
Americans have never paid for grocery bags – paper or plastic. Markets would even double-bag on request. No charge. Hence, we were slow to observe that … Continue reading B.Y.O.B. – Bring Your Own Bag