Improv Workshop with Kieron Freigang: The Storytelling Circle

By Maryann Henck

Cat got your tongue? Excuses, excuses. In the improvisation game, “The Storytelling Circle,” you’ve got to talk—right away and on the spot—whether you want to or not. No excuses. No exceptions. No exit.

Now this drama exercise is not only an ideal method for pushing anyone suffering from stage fright into the limelight, but also for helping ESL students to come out of their proverbial shells and improve their public speaking skills in an impromptu and edutaining manner.

After asking participants to form a circle, you just need to follow these three easy steps:

  1. Choose a genre: e.g. documentary.
  2. Choose a title: e.g. “Octopus Mating Season.”
  3. Choose the first storyteller to provide the story’s opening line: “The mating behavior of the octopus is quite different from all the other species of the world.” Then the next participant in the circle has to continue the story and keep it rolling.

Interested in finding out what happens during “Octopus Mating Season,” to the Daisy Queen in a fantasy story of the same name, or in a musical called “The Rise and Fall of Mrs. Jones”? Then check out the video of this workshop conducted by professional actor, Kieron Freigang, and performed by the talented participants from my seminar, “Dramatize This!” :

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