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AI: Too Smart for Our Own Good?

By Michael Lederer

An essay ‘about’ AI, writ­ten ‘by’ AI. Maybe even ‘for’ AI? As my kids say, “Are we there yet?” It feels less like we’re cross­ing the Rubi­con, more like cross­ing the space-time man­i­fold. Our “Hal moment.” [Edi­tor’s note: Hal, the most infa­mous engi­neer­ing icon in literary/cinematic his­to­ry, who attempts to take over the space ship from the humans aboard.] Com­put­er both provider and con­sumer, what could go wrong? Read more »

Two Albums, a 30th Anniversary, and Some 300 Words of Applause

By Hannah Quinque

Pho­to Cred­it: Nir­vana by davetoaster)

Do you believe in fate? I like to think I don’t, and yet I always find myself look­ing for how the pieces of real­i­ty fit togeth­er to make a big pic­ture that is more than the sum of its parts. I only recent­ly became aware of one such coin­ci­dence. On Sep­tem­ber 24, 1991, two momen­tous albums, Nev­er­mind by Nir­vana and Blood Sug­ar Sex Magik by the Red Hot Chili Pep­pers were released to applause so tumul­tuous it resounds today, 30 years later.

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