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The Mandalorian

By Kai-Arne Zimny

You’ve prob­a­bly already heard that The Man­dalo­ri­an was nom­i­nat­ed for 15 Emmy Awards, includ­ing Out­stand­ing Dra­ma Series and Out­stand­ing Children’s Pro­gram. And even if you weren’t famil­iar with the term Man­dalo­ri­an before, chances are you’ve seen one: Boba Fett, the green-armored boun­ty hunter in the clas­sic Star Wars film is a Man­dalo­ri­an, a mem­ber of a clan-based soci­ety with­in the Star Wars uni­verse known for their code of hon­or and war­rior ways. We nev­er saw Boba Fett’s face, he didn’t say much, and he didn’t take up much screen time. All this didn’t stop him from becom­ing a fan favorite back in the day. But would such a char­ac­ter work as a pro­tag­o­nist of a series?

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